Basalt continious fiber

Basalt is a rock of a volcanic origin. It is the most common natural stone in the world. Speaking about its important features, it is completely eco-friendly, high tensile, tolerant to chemical effects, fire resistant, to name just a few. A continuous basalt fiber is obtained as a result of advanced refinery by melting the natural minerals with subsequent transforming into fiber without using any chemical additives.

Basalt fiber has a set of characteristics which make it the most perspective component in a wide composites manufacture. The technologies of the basalt fiber manufacture allow creating a new economically efficient and environmentally friendly industry of construction materials.

Strength and durability

High chemical resistance


100% Natural And Eco-friendly



Basalt.Trade produces and supplies high-end quality continuous basalt fiber and basalt fiber reinforced composites. Our production facilities are located in Russia, but we ship our products all over the world.


We provide integrated industrial solutions in the fields of basalt composite materials production, application and utilization.


We provide our customers with consulting services ensuring the most effective application of our products.


We are constantly seeking the new materials and manufacturing methods to ensure the best qualities of our products and services.

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